You Cannot Eat Too Much Protein Is A Myth

According to Muth (2013), it is a fallacy that you cannot eat too much protein.  The thought process behind this myth is that excess protein digested will leave the body as urine.  The thinking is that because our bodies have very few resources to store excess protein that anything we consume beyond what our body needs will just leave as urine.  It is true that the body is limited in its ability to store proteins.  It also remains true that a portion of excess proteins will get excreted from our body as urea.  However, it is not quite that simple because the other part of the protein the carbon group is converted to glucose or fat, which is dependent on what the body needs at the time.  So basically proteins that are consumed more than the body needs, suffer the same fate as our excess carbohydrates and or fats, they get converted into fat.

Muth, N. D. (2013). ACE Fitness Nutrition Manual. : American Council on Excercise.

Photo by JANIFEST/iStock / Getty Images